Blitch-Broussard ROI Calculator
Measuring Value: Beyond ROI - the True Grant Professionals' Worth

Grant professionals work for non-profits, government agencies and as independent consultants. The Blitch-Broussard Return on Investment Calculator measures the value of grant professionals and quantifies their work beyond the traditional ROI model. Our ROI calculator incorporates the value of investments, of course, and also the outputs and intrinsic value grant professionals bring to organizations.
The ROI Calculator is a starting point for the grant professional who should also consider the specific circumstances of their organization and their own unique skills in the final ROI analysis.
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Blitch-Broussard ROI Calculator: Instructions and Factors

The ROI Calculator incorporates the following holistic metrics: revenue and expenses; operating budget; funds requested through proposal writing; grants management; importance of grant funding; and other factors.

Complete the gray sections within the (1) worksheet then (2) rating table tabs. Once all data is entered as outlined below, the ROI calculations on the worksheet tab are computed automatically. There are six ROI calculation methods. Each yields a different amount that, when totaled and averaged, provides a composite estimate of a grant professional’s true value.

Revenue (Worksheet tab)

To begin calculations, on the worksheet tab within the left side of the calculator, enter dollar values of funds generated for the following revenue variables:

Grant/Contract Revenue
Sponsorship Revenue
Major Gift/Other Revenue
Partnership Revenue

Expenses (Worksheet tab)

For a consultant, everything that is billable should be listed. However, an on-staff grant professional must include not only salary and benefit amounts but also the supplies, equipment, and professional development costs paid by the employer.

Enter dollar values for the following expense and output variables:

Operating Budget
Proposal Writing Activity
Grant Management
Importance of Grant Funding
Other Factors